Mega Spileo Estate


Mega Spileo Estate

The Mega Spileo Estate is a jewel of Greece’s wine tradition, and offers connoisseurs and visitors a rare, authentic wine experience.

Mega Spileo Estate is located at the heart of the Chelmos-Vouraikos National Geopark in the Northern Peloponnese, a protected area belonging to the Natura 2000 network. Steeped in ancient legends and historical traditions, this is a land of tall mountains, plateaus and sheer gorges, a unique geological blend of striking natural beauty and micro-climates ideal for viticulture.

At the vineyards of the Mega Spileo Estate, grapes are cultivated along the principles of organic agriculture and according to long viticulture and wine-making traditions, producing exquisite wines with bold character, striking aromas and complexity.

The Mega Spileo Estate is a jewel of Greece’s wine tradition, and offers connoisseurs and visitors a rare, authentic wine experience.

Live a complete wine experience at Mega Spileo Estate

Mega Spileo. A name that travels through time and a breathtaking landscape. High mountains, age-old forests, and slopes overgrown with vines that seem to float over steep cliffs and deep gorges. Here, in the heart of Chelmos, in the blessed place of the historic monastic vineyard, the legends, traditions and wine stories that have been passed down from generation to generation meet.

Today, the Mega Spileo Estate continues to honour this great viticultural heritage, creating distinctive wines with a strong personality that express the charismatic terroir and the unique microclimate of the region.

With its doors open to wine lovers, excursionists and ordinary travellers, the estate has modern hospitality facilities and offers tasting programmes designed by our team. From a leisurely stroll through the vineyards tasting selected wines of local varieties, to a complete tasting journey enriched with activities, visits and excursions, wine lovers could live an unforgettable experience of wine culture in an environment of rare natural beauty.

Mega Spileo Estate

Our Vineyards & Grape Varieties

Our wines are produced from grapes cultivated in four vineyards of about 28 hectares in total, in the mountains of Achaia. Its exceptional local climate, diverse terrain, degrees of exposure and altitude make the region a prime area for vine cultivation and the production of exquisite wines.

The Achaian mountain slopes, notably the Estate’s carefully selected vineyards, are ideal for the cultivation of a plethora of local and international varieties, making our vineyards some of the most prominent in Greece. This unique terroir produces high-quality wines that have earned awards one after the other, as well as accolades from prominent wine critics.

Mavrodafni, Mavro Kalavritino, Malagousia, Assyrtiko, Lagorthi, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and many other varieties are cultivated on the Estate’s 4 vineyards. Our location, together with our expertise and the passion we pour into our work are the secret to our ever-growing success!

  • Varieties cultivated at the Mega Spileo vineyard are:
    Mavrodaphne, Mavro Kalavritino, Vertzami, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Assyrtiko, Lagorthi.
  • Varieties cultivated at the Trapeza vineyard are:
    Moschato, Malagousia, Assyrtiko, Sideritis, Mavrodaphne, Pinot Noir, Malbec and Syrah.
  • Varieties cultivated at the Vrosthena vineyard are: Malagousia, Assyrtiko and Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Varieties cultivated at the Verino vineyard are: Syrah, Mavrodaphne, Agiorgitiko.
Mega Spileo Estate Assyrtiko - Lagorthi
Mega Spileo Estate Assyrtiko - Lagorthi

Category & Origin:
Dry White Wine, PGI Achaia

Varietal Composition:
Assyrtiko 75% – Lagorthi 25%

At the Mega Spileo vineyard, the popular Assyrtiko variety comes together with the rare local Lagorthi to create a unique wine, full of character. Fine aromas of roasted nuts mingle with the freshness of yellow fruit marmalades and herbs. The wine ferments and matures with its wine lees in new oak barrels, and 2 years of ageing after bottling confer striking character and complexity. An elegant white wine, suitable for ageing.
Mega Spileo Estate Mavrodaphne - Mavro Kalavritino
Mega Spileo Estate Mavrodaphne - Mavro Kalavritino

Category & Origin:
Dry Red Wine, PGI Achaia

Varietal Composition: Mavrodaphne 60% – Mavro Kalavritino 40%

The Mega Spileo vineyard with its unique micro-climate, produces two exquisite local varieties, Mavrodaphne and Mavro Kalavritino. The blend of these two varieties through maturation in new French oak barrels produces an elegant and fine red wine with complex, concentrated flavours, suitable for ageing. One of the most iconic wines we produce.


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