The best Wine Tastings and Tours in Mantinia

Mantinia is renowned for its distinctive wines, primarily produced from the Moschofilero grape.

This high-altitude area, centered around the city of Tripoli in Arcadia, has a winemaking tradition that dates back thousands of years, with its unique terroir contributing to the characteristic profile of its wines. The pink-skinned Moschofilero almost dominates the area, and produces PDO Mantinia wines, with floral profile and characteristic flavours of rose petals dominating, medium body and noticeable, crispy acidity. Nowadays, there are great examples of dry white wines, refined rosé wines and interesting sparkling ones, vinified with the traditional method of Champagne.  Often enough, Moschofilero grapes have to struggle facing late frosts and extremely cool weather conditions, that can delay the ripening even more, thus sometimes the harvest can continue until early November. Other white grape varieties cultivated in the area, are Asproudes.

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