Haritatos Vineyards


Haritatos Vineyards

10 hectares Estate, filled with medicinal and aromatic herbs, fruit orchards and olive groves…

Haritatos family history is written on the 10 hectares Estate, filled with medicinal and aromatic herbs, fruit orchards and olive groves in a vineyard that has never changed hands and viticultural knowledge inherited through the generations. Here we practice sustainable and regenerative viticulture in our effort to minimise our enviromental impact producing wines that reflect the kefalonian terroir and culture. In our modern boutique winery, we vinify wines using indigenous yeasts, taking advantage of our rather isolated vineyard.

Our guests can enjoy a stroll around the Estate, learn about the history of the family and the Heptanese, as the two are connected through the years, acquaint themselves with obscure native varieties and can taste wines, made from well known native varieties, fermented under a different scope. They experience the culture and philosophy, that lies behind every label. Upon request, we offer the opportunity to enjoy traditional kefalonian cuisine paired with wines from our Estate and enjoy an evening in nature.

Created by Constantinos Tseklenis
Haritatos Vineyard "Typaldo"
Haritatos Vineyard "Typaldo"

White dry wine

Made from the Muscat variety, grown in the Vineyard, a white dry wine with a crisp acidity, aromas of citrus fruits and blossoms, pineapple and melon. A moderate herbality with hints of fresh green herbs, like marjoram and sweet scented geranium and the characteristic of the Kefalonian terroir minerality. Notes of white flowers like jasmin and elderflowers. At the end a lasting aftertaste of loquat, pears and green apples.
Haritatos Vineyard ''Madame H.''
Haritatos Vineyard ''Madame H.''

Red Dry wine

Made from the Mavrodaphne variety, grown in the Vineyard, a red dry wine, aged in oak barrels. A nose full of red berry fruits like plums and cherry plums, cherries and strawberries, tomato chatney. The herbality, from the surrounding herbal gardens, shows hints of laurel leaves and rosmary and sage. Spices straight from the East like whole spice and pepper and Caylon cinnamon. A strong presentation of polished and velvety tannins. A balanced acidity runs through hints of dried red flower petals to notes of coffee and dark chocolate. In the end a lasting aftertaste of spices, dried herbs and chocolate.


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Haritatos Vineyards

Haritatos Vineyards
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