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Ktima Panagopoulos

Embark on a Journey to Discover Mantinia Wine

Our cozy family winery is nestled in the heart of the picturesque Mantinia plateau! Our winery’s story began in the early 1990s with Thodoris and Themi, a passionate couple who dedicated themselves to cultivating the exquisite Greek Moschofilero grape in the Gortsouli region. As the new millennium dawned, their small-scale wine experiments laid the foundation for a dream that would blossom into reality. By 2017, a fresh chapter unfolded as their daughter and son, Marilena and Dimitris, the next generation, transformed the winery into a beacon of innovation and tradition. With Marilena’s expertise in Chemical Engineering and a master’s degree in Viticulture and Oenology, alongside Dimitris’ prowess as a Food Technician, their united vision was clear: to establish a boutique winery renowned for its vertically produced, signature wines. Their dedication bore fruit with the release of ANTINOE, a label that captures the essence of Mantinia’s queen grape.

In the Heart of Mantinia, our estate, a stone’s throw from the ancient city walls of Mantinia, is cradled by its lush vineyards. At an elevation of 650 meters, the region’s loamy soil is the secret to unlocking the Moschofilero grape’s vibrant aromatic profile. With over three decades of devoted cultivation, our family proudly presents wines that are a pure expression of our vineyards’ bounty.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the Ktima Panagopoulos experience, a perfect blend of exploration and relaxation. Wander through our vineyards, explore the inner workings of our winery, and unwind as you savor our wines, each paired meticulously with select local cheeses and charcuterie. It’s more than a visit; it’s your gateway to the soul of wine, nestled close to nature and steeped in unforgettable moments. Raise a glass to joy and discovery – here, every sip tells a story.

Plan Your Visit, Wine Tours & Tastings: Reservations in advance are required for an intimate journey through our winemaking process.

Pet-Friendly: Your furry friends are welcome to join in the adventure.

The Vibe: Come for the wine, stay for the smiles. A great mood is not just encouraged; it’s part of the experience!

Opening Hours: Join us from Monday to Sunday, 9:00AM-15:00, for a taste of Mantinia that you’ll carry in your heart long after your visit.

Icon Wines
Ktima Panagopoulos ANTINOE

Dry White
PDO Mantinia

ANTINOE built the city of Mantinia, after following a snake, in obedience to the Oracle prophecy. ANTINOΕ is a dry white wine, which represents the typical character of Moschofilero, a Greek variety cultivated in the PDO area of Mantinia. Intense aromas of flowers and citrus fruits, with dominant notes of roses, jasmine and lemon blossoms. A wine with exceptional freshness, crispy acidity and clear white-yellow color. Full-bodied and balanced structure, with a long aftertaste.
Ktima Panagopoulos CEPHEUS

Dry Red
PGI Arkadia

Cepheus was the king of ancient Arcadia. He had twenty sons and two daughters, Antinoe and Asterope. Cepheus is a monovarietal Merlot wine, produced in our small vineyard located at 650m altitude. Deep vivid red colour. Aromas of ripe red and black fruits with a delicate presence of vanilla and smoky hints, as a result of its aging in oak barrels for 15 months. Smooth tannins and balanced acidity. A well-structured wine with a long-lasting aftertaste.


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Ktima Panagopoulos

Ktima Panagopoulos
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