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So let the fairytale we weaved for you around the Nymphs that bind our city with their spell take you on a journey, with the aroma of our Fliasia Land.

We are Nikos and Ioanna, born and raised in the land of Nemea. We are professionally engaged in the cultivation of vineyards and the vinification of our grapes in our family winery. We set up our home by choosing to stay in our beloved Nemea, and we enjoy our family together with our two children, Dimitris and Aggeliki.

Our Hotel

In Naias Nemeia Luxury Rooms you will find comfortable rooms painted in earthy colors and decorated with natural materials, such as wood in various forms with its wild and natural beauty, combined with special raw materials, also in earthy tones. Our every choice, from decoration to furniture, aims to offer you a beautiful and romantic environment for your relaxing and comfortable stay in Nemea.

Our rooms

We have created for you a space that gives off a sense of serenity, is simple but at the same time special, and is also ideal for both relaxation and excursions. Enjoy an unforgettable, fairytale-like stay at Naias Nemeia Luxury Rooms.


Nemea, as Pausanias mentions in his work Description of Greece, is the “navel of the Peloponnese”. It is located in the Department of Corinth, 120 km away from Athens, at an altitude of 320 meters. It is a semi-mountainous town with over 6500 inhabitants, and along with the surrounding villages it forms the historic Municipality of Nemea.

The largest wine-growing zone in the Balkans

The wider area is also the largest wine-growing zone in the Balkans, with over 25,000 acres of arable land. The most important grape variety grown in this area is the PDO Agiorgitiko, a red grape variety, known since the ancient times for the great quality wine it produces. In the same area we produce large quantities of extra virgin olive, since olive production is an important part of the total agricultural production of the place, along with the grape production and the cultivation of black Corinth raisins.

Setting of from our hotel and our beautiful Nemea, the visitor can look for the beauties of the surrounding villages. In Ancient Nemea (formerly Heraklion) you can visit the Archaeological sites and the Temple of Zeus. In Aedonia you will find special historical and archaeological sites as well. In Leontion, Petri, Koutsi but also in the villages that are hanging around the wonderful plain of Nemea (Galatas, Kastraki, Bozika, Titani, Platani, Fish, etc.) you will admire the wild beauty of the mountain villages and will also have the chance to visit the, mostly open to the public, larger wineries.

Not far from our hotel you can find the old Primary School of Nemea. A historic and distinctive building of the late 19th century, designed by the German engineer Ziller and funded by Andreas Syngros, Fliasion Melathron, a sample of great architecture that dominates over the Heroes Square of Nemea.


As the largest wine-growing zone in the Balkans, Nemea is the mistress of Agiorgitiko, “ampeloessa,” as Homer called it. Here the visitor will find over 50 smaller or larger wineries. You can visit about 10 of them, as they are open to the public, but you can also ask about visiting smaller ones upon request. There, you will have the opportunity to taste the famous Nemean wines, in an unforgettable wine tasting experience. In the area you will also find the historic Nemea Winery Cooperative that was created in 1937 and is really worth a visit. Ask us for more information about the visit hours and wine tastings offered at the wineries in the area.

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Naias Nemeia
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