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Linovatis is a Wine Bistro located in a beautiful, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood of Kifisia known as “Plaka”.

Why Linovatis
The ancient Linos was the wine press, often made of marble, in which the grapes were placed and crushed with bare feet. The person stomping the grapes was called Linovatis! As can be seen in the drawing, it is a modern adaptation of the cheerful Linovatis, since the grape harvest is usually a great celebration.

Why Wine
One does not have to be an expert to taste a glass of wine and call it delicious! No need for long analysis to enjoy it either. But one must constantly explore the wine market, read, learn to taste, and share “real” wines! Linovatis shows us the way to the best wine tasting experience. You don’t have to worry about anything else. For Linovatis, the passion for wine is the reason for being!

Why Bistro
There is nothing better when wine and food meet a well-developed palate! Fireworks, joy, music, accordion. Oysters are attacked by the bubbles of sparkling wines, fish “cooked” in acidic juices competes with the acidity of white wines, raw fish fillets experiment with light red wines, meat meets fish…

Our philosophy is that those who make and bottle wine should care about the environment and consider it their heritage. Therefore, the practices they use in the vineyard should be in harmony with the ecosystem without causing it any harm. They should also follow similar practices in the vinification process so that the special character of each vintage, what the French call terroir, shows in our glass. Finally, they should view wine as an agricultural rather than an industrial product!

Our values in the selection of wines
Our wines are selected according to specific criteria.
Labeled as organic.
Organic farming practices include not only the elimination of chemical sprays, but also the creation and implementation of permanent biodiversity to avoid monocultures.
Manual harvesting i.e. not mechanical harvesting.
Wine fermentation must have occurred naturally (wild fermentation) and not with commercial fermentation agents.
Minimal filtration to avoid extraction of the structural components of wine.
Artisan producers, i.e. people (artisans) that do not belong to the industrial sector!
All wines are assessed by tasting; often blind tasting, to achieve a high level of impartiality.

Our values in the selection of raw materials for our dishes
Most dishes on our menu are shellfish and fish. The ‘raw’ preparations do not hide the imperfections! This gives us the kick to always live up to the highest standards!
Daily supply of small quantities to avoid long term food storage.
Small suppliers to establish a personal contact.
Oysters kept Alive.
Filleting and portioning whole fish to get a full picture.
Raw materials treatment with zero waste approach.
Delicatessen products of small producers.
Selection of Greek products for a large part of the raw materials. Even our caviar is made of Greek sturgeon eggs.
All dishes on our menu were created after many experiments and changes as faithful companions to our wines! This is the Bistro style that we maintain and what clearly distinguishes us from a normal restaurant.


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Linovatis Wine Bistrot
Diomidi Kyriakou 15
Kifissia, Greece

Tel: (+30) 210 801 7676
Email: [email protected]

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Light Dinner



working hours

Tuesday – Thursday 15.00 – 11.00
Friday 16.00 – 00.00
Saturday 17.00 – 01.00
Sunday & Monday CLOSED

languages spoken

Greek, English

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